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Posted on: September 3, 2014

Since the kids started back to “school” it’s been quiet around here.  Tuesday and Wednesday are homeschool coop days and then Thursday is homework day.  Hoping to have a Grandma day on Thursday or Friday with Annalise so Simon can get his work done.

Probably need to plan trips to the zoo to get her out of the house.

I’ve had lots of time to work on the cross stitch – nearly done.  Also, got hooked into genealogy once I got a clue that Caleb Bates (from the Hawkins side) was included in the Births and Deaths of Mayflower descendants.  The library has 17 volumes of the first 5 generations of Mayflower descendants.  I got through Vol 7 today, but I don’t feel any closer to figuring out which of the original Pilgrims he’s related to.

That’s taken up quite a bit of my time.

My removal and replacement is going a bit slow since the battery is dead on the saw.  I have to saw by hand which is quite a bit of exercise!  Cut down several grape vines and trees.  The grapes are starting to wilt.  Planted the elderberry which didn’t look very well, but it’s perking up since the rain.

Now to clear out for the other 2.

Had negatives scanned from 1948-59 that were in Grandma Retta’s photographs.  Lots of the farm.  Unfortunately there’s a couple double exposures.  One of grandma on a tractor.  Would love to have had that one.  Several of animals on the farm.  Must have been shortly after they moved there.  It’ll be fun to put them up on a web page for Tom and Kathy to see.

65 negatives cost .99 each.  He does adjust the contrast and clean them up so I guess it is worth it.  I can do that about once a month.

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