Bits of Life

Labor-less Day weekend

Posted on: August 30, 2014

AH!!  Nothing planned!  Love that plan!  Slept in again and slept well.  I think it’s due to a change in my exercise.  My trainer suggested I ramp up my treadmill by jogging occasionally, giving me more of an interval training.  Starting slow I’ve been jogging for 10-15 seconds and walking for a minute or two and then the jog.  I sure sweat and I think I feel better.  My knees don’t hurt, which was my early concern.

After waking up, listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, cross stitching, I decided it was time to get some shrubs for my removal and replacement plan.  The bush honeysuckle and now grape vines are over taking the backyard so I headed for the Riverside Native Plant nursery in Delaware, OH.  I bought arrowwood, silky dogwood and elderberry.

My new bike had a flat tire so I went to a newly discovered bike and coffee shop to have it fixed.  Left the bike for a complete tune-up which I should have done once it was delivered.  Guess I thought a bike purchased over the internet would be ready to go.  Well, since I fell off it once, I thought it should have been looked at before now anyway.   Got my iced coffee which was so strong, that it nearly sent me into a caffeine coma, and headed for the nursery.

Since the shrubs form a visible barrier between my apartment and the homeowners across the way, I’m changing the landscape slowly so they don’t notice.  They’d raise a ruckus if they all came down at once.  Also, waiting until this evening to take a few down with my electric saw (not chainsaw) after the fair starts up.  No one will notice the noise of my saw with the PA system and carnival rides in my backyard.  Another plan working out!!

Now back to cross stitch while I wait for the festivities!

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