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Everyday is sew sew day!!

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Trying to come up with something catchy is frightening even Yikes!! 

Truly about all I’m doing is sewing – quilt blocks and cross stitch.  Exercised yesterday and had my  bone density test. Dropped off negatives from 1948.  I know they are grandma’s (Retta).  I can see lots of people sitting for a group shot and then cows.  I think it’s pictures of the farm.  Perhaps they just bought it. Stopped at Michael’s to find an embroidery floss organizer kit.  I had seen one online for $20.  Thought I’d find it cheaper and I did!  $2.49!  Includes floss bobbins.   By the time I finished all that, I was home for more sewing. 

St. Michael’s Labor Day fair is starting to fill the field behind my place.  Jeff and kids stopped over on Sunday and Annalise reminded me that we need to go early this year.  She has a mind like an elephant, but I can’t tease her and call her Ellie.  She gets mad! 

So that will be the agenda for Friday! 

Had breakfast with Dena that travelled into lunch time.  Since I was close to Whole Foods, I bought a few essentials and found peaches that actually smell like peaches! 

Settled down after that to complete another square and more cross stitch.  I think I’m getting close to finishing the interior, now I’ll have to work on the edges.  and add all the outlines. 

Watching Midsummer Murders, last episode of Hercule Poirot.  Interesting ending!  Very unexpected. Now for the evening I have the 2011 “Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Spy”  without Alec Guinness.  Hope it is good! 

Looking for soup recipe for beet and corn. 

FNR reunion is called off.  Worked out that weekend is better for Kathy’s visit anyway. 

I found some great pictures of the 1950s.  I may need to take a break from sewing and scan for awhile. 

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