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Posted on: August 18, 2014

Not sure why, but I seem to want, no stronger, have to finish this cross stitch that I started oh- so many years ago.  Decided to give it to Karen when I visit her in October.  She’s renting a place at St. George’s Island for the month of October.  Decided I would go down.  I really love the beach.  I know she’s not on the water, but I hope she has a view.  I’ll hate it if she doesn’t.  By renting for an entire month, it is much cheaper.  I need to look around and see if that kind of option might work for next year, but on the water.  I want to sit on the porch and watch the waves.

The squares for the quilt are coming along well.  It is difficult to figure out which strips go together.  Love the log cabin pattern.

Took Simon skateboarding.  We have lots of conversations while riding around. Talk about religion – why is a Lutheran church named for a saint.  Thought they didn’t believe in them.  Then on to other types of religion – why people kill each other because they don’t believe the way I do.  So bizarre for religion to be like that.

He’s reading Tom Sawyer to be ready for his part.  They get the script this Tuesday.  He feels very comfortable with all the other cast members.  Since he’s reading it, I decided to also since I have not read it.

Annalise is still amassing her “funds”.  Today she said she now has $101 saved up.  They give her extra allowance if she saves instead of spends.  Dad and she took another trip to ToysRUs to window shop.  It’s getting old, but humorous that she just wants to look.  Reminds me of when she was much younger and was happy to look.


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