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The cold has turned…

Posted on: August 14, 2014

What a weird cold.  Just when you think you are turning the corner for a quick resolution to this summer cold, it sprouts new symptoms.

Monday, felt lousy and figured if I maintained a low profile, my body would make easy work of recovery.  Tuesday and Wednesday were ok, just a beginning of a cough.  Went to Jeff and Amy’s new house for dinner and a trip to the local pool.  Surrounded by trees and barely used.  Many probably prefer the very fancy new pools, but this had what you need, water and a diving board.

This morning I got up with a hacking cough, watery eyes and feeling yucky.  Amy likewise and Jeff had chills last night.  Simon has a headful and recovering from his ear infection.

Of course the only one bouncing around without a care is Annalise.  After lunch I took her to Target to spend the $10 she has and buy sick groceries – OJ, chicken soup and tea.  Target only carried oj concentrate, a bit disappointing.  Of course it isn’t a full service Target like the ones in Indiana.

Since she couldn’t find anything (as usual) we trudged over to ToysRUs.  She’s becoming afraid to spend her money so she now has $98.  Still couldn’t find anything and I announced that we were going back to Target to get the Frappuccino I promised to get for Simon.  She of course was adamant that we won’t and she hit me on my butt with her purse which I promptly took away.  She could get it back when she had appropriate behavior to which she screamed at me.  We got in the car and she said she’d tear up my personal stuff to which I responded, OK, but you won’t get your purse back and we’re still stopping at TArget.

When we got to Target she got out of the car and said she didn’t know why she behaved that way and she was sorry.  I said it’s because you think you will get what you want instantly.  So she took her dinosaur book in to read while we waited for the Frappuccino’s.  All was well and she asked me not to say anything to her mom about her behavior.  I said I wouldn’t and she said, “Don’t tell even your very best friend.”

Feeling rather poorly I dragged myself home to finish reading “Hell is Empty” by Craig Johnson.  I wanted to soak up Vitamin D while sitting in my newly painted Adirondack chair.  I like his writing, informative of Wyoming First Americans, history and mystery.

Now I’m in my jammies and getting ready to watch another episode of Longmire on A&E and sit the rest of the evening.

Been a busy day already.

Cough is getting worse, my eyes are watery, and my nose is running.




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