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Posted on: August 13, 2014

Added the beagle hunting truffles in bur oak chronicles.

Watched Muscle Shoals – another place to visit!! Movie was so good.

Legs are getting jumpy.  This is much earlier than usual.  Better go eat an apple.

Finished off the zucchini – fried with cornmeal!!  Delicious.

Took Annalise out for more window shopping.  She doesn’t want to buy anything, just think about what she could spend her money on.  I think she’s worried that if she spends the $70 she has accumulated, that she’ll be down to nothing.  Perhaps she’ll become a billionaire from all her frugal ways.

She’s a stitch to go out with.  After Toys R Us, we went to Trader Joe’s for honey.  They didn’t have what we wanted, – local and raw – so she decided to get a few things anyway.  Gluten free pasta – 2 kinds, gluten free bagels and cream cheese and bon bons!  She went to the back of the store to get the cream cheese but couldn’t reach it.  She’s all into getting things herself.  Miss Independence!!

Talked with Craig.  They are a busy family.  He got another house to fix and rent.  His plan is for cattle and rentals!!  Looks like I will join them at Silver Dollar City in September.  August is so busy for them.



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