Bits of Life

Moving Day!!

Posted on: August 11, 2014

Over this past weekend Amy and Jeff moved to their new house.  It was a bittersweet occasion, some sadness but excitement.  I took pictures of each of the rooms.  Annalise cried and was sad.

Simon wasn’t feeling well, headache, stomachache, and nausea.  Stayed with him at the new house and then everyone came over to help out.  I went home to wash clothes and get a few things done at the house.  I said I was leaving chaos to go to chaos!

Got that done- not too exciting and worked my way through email.


The past week, Simon auditioned at Center Stage for their new production and got the lead as Tom Sawyer.  He’s very excited.  Now he has a new passion – acting.  So many things he loves to do.

Speaking of moving – in a different way.  I finally found an illustrator for my book.  She’s planning on having it done by the end of October.  I need to rewrite one chapter to change mushrooms.

I’m not feeling so good today so I’m keeping a low profile.  Watched a documentary about Eleanor Roosevelt.  She was a marvelous woman.  Now I’m watching, while typing, “Muscle Shoals” about the early years of the record company Fame.  Fascinating story!!

I really need to do this daily.


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