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Another new week!

Posted on: July 21, 2014

This past week, I’ve accomplished a few of my to do list which has no end!!  Working on the chairs, I counted on the good weather and shade to get outside to paint them and I got that last week.  However, this one isn’t going to be so good.  I may need to sneak out just as the light begins to fade to get little by little done.  It may be the whole summer before they are done.

Tomorrow, all the Ohio cousins are heading to Slate Run Farm.  Hope it isn’t too hot!  Need to clean the car out.

Got out old embroidery kits that I had started years ago.  No need to buy anything new, just finish what I have on hand.

The kitchen is so small, I’ve been buying items to use the space as best as I can.  I’ve one more piece to buy and then I’ll take pictures.

I’m waiting till tonight to watch Longmire tonight – 24 hours after being on A&E last night.

Need to take pictures of the poor hostas that the deer have left.  I think there’s a sign – Eat Here!!  Great Hostas!!

Spent the afternoon working on a FNR reunion postcard.  I mean all afternoon.  I had my workout and then walked for 30 minutes.  Trying to get my heart rate up to 124 before the 30 minutes are over.  But I seem to be weathering the walking better each time so I’ll have to crank up the “slope” to  3.

Got to get busy in the house.  Later!



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