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Posted on: July 6, 2014

Had a delightful time driving through the countryside to arrive at Carlton and Joyce’s beautiful home and garden. They have lots going on.  Chinese kids staying with them through the school year, son at home, another guy living with them while he works close by.  Otherwise he lives in Philly.  Grandkids close by.  In fact, we went to Longwood Gardens on a very hot day with Evie their 3 yo granddaughter.  Her dad lives in the basement and when mom dropped her off for the day, she and Carlton cooked scrambled eggs for us.  Such a cutie.

On Wednesday, Carlton and I drove to Maryland to see Lida and family.  It is so good to see these folks.  They played such an important role in our lives.  Had lunch with Lida, Roy and the twin boys as well as their mom.  They are so adorable and I love hearing stories of them on facebook.  And of all things I didn’t take any pictures.  I couldn’t believe it!  Not even one of Carlton, Lida and I!!  There are times when I’ve forgotten about my camera and I so regret it.

After being with Lida and her family, we drove down to the Sheraton for the reunion and met Joe Gomez and his wife for dinner.

Spent Thursday with Carlton.  Took forever to find a place to eat breakfast that had normal breakfast food.  Finally, the Silver Diner for eggs and bacon Yummm!

Then drove to Arlington National Cemetery where his parents are buried. Carl George Witte They were also a very special part of my life.  Because Carlton’s parents are buried there he has a pass and we drove around the cemetery to see interesting grave markers of husbands and wives and possibly a slave cemetery.  It’s very sobering to see the lines and lines of white markers some with dates and some without and some with only a name with the inscription Citizen or Civilian.

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