Bits of Life

At last I feel human!

Posted on: May 19, 2014

Finally, I’m in a sitting position.  I’ve watched all of Inspector Lewis, most of House, Miss Marple, and a host of other shows.  Haven’t gotten out of my pajamas since Tuesday, eaten, brushed my teeth or showered.  In fact the last week has been a blur.  From the couch to the bedroom, from bathroom to bathroom!!  Fun, fun,

Watched Forks Over Knives this morning and I believe I’m going on a complete plant based diet.  I was primarily there, but now I’m going all the way.  Very convincing information.

It’s beautiful outside and I sit her with the windows open and fresh air blowing in.

If the cough and runny nose would go away now, I’ll really feel better.  Now I have to look at my emails.

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