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House and Kitty sitting

Posted on: May 10, 2014

Been house sitting for a couple days now.  Annalise has stayed 2 nights hoping to attract the kitties to her.  Not successful on the first day.  She was so excited and moving so fast that they ran away and couldn’t be found.  She laid bait/cat toys or traps as she called them, all over the house, hoping to get them to play.

Second day Simon came over as well.  At last the most gregarious kitty, Merry, came out and let them pet her.  They were ecstatic.

The first day Annalise kept so busy trying to attract the kitties that she didn’t play with the toys she brought over.  We watched a couple new videos, “Too Cute” about baby cats and dogs, then Avatar.  She hardly eats.  I tried rice, noodles but once she opened the freezer and found the stash of ice cream, that became the favorite food.  So she doesn’t eat healthy all the time!!!

I’m finishing up the edits on the bur oak book.  Now to find acorns, leaves, etc for Amy to draw.  I’m glad she decided to take this on.

Funny, since I got the edits done, I don’t know what to do with myself.  Guess, I could just sit here and watch a good movie.

Watched, Flyboys.  Excellent movie.  Now trying to find something else.  Rewatching Wallander.  Books are good also.

Beautiful outside now that the rain has passed by. Cats on the chair in the Florida room lounging peacefully.



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