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Another End of Year performance

Posted on: April 29, 2014

Tonight is Center Stage performances.  This is every Tuesday and focuses on areas that Classical Conversations doesn’t.

The components for Simon are Drama, Film making and can’t remember the rest.

Annalise has Drama, Spanish and ditto.

Tonight they’re performing the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  Annalise is a bear and Simon has a small part- forgot what he is.

I chuckle when I see all the activities and friends Simon has through home school.  So many people think home-schoolers are tucked away in their homes and never see the light of day.  Simon has so many activities and invitations to friends, that he needs a social director!  Now Annalise would rather be at home and occasionally see friends.

For me today, I decided to quit whining about my weight and do something so I went to the rec center.  I rode a couple miles then did some ab exercises on several pieces of equipment and rode another 2 miles.  Gotta get into smaller sizes!!

The remainder of the day has been spent putting together a document for the state of Ohio.  They think I didn’t file 2010 Ohio state taxes, which I didn’t because I was not living here!!!  I’ve been sending paperwork to the state for 2 years and last week I get a letter from a collection agent saying I owe the state $3,000.  I’m getting so sick of this.  I have documentation that I didn’t move in until 2012.  Hopefully, I can sit down with some one.

Forgot something from yesterday – Annalise asked me over, but when I got there she was in a lousy mood.  Seems she wants to buy her own IPad but she doesn’t have enough money saved up.  So she’s getting really unhappy.  Amy took her upstairs but I could hear Annalise say that she was so mad that pretty soon she was going to start saying bad words!!  Eventually she came down feeling much better and so did Amy!!

She’s a perfect poster child for “Don’t talk to me till I’ve had my coffee!”


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