Bits of Life

Birthday party day!

Posted on: April 27, 2014

Annalise went to bed early, but that also means she’ll be getting up early. Came into my room to wake me and wanted to know how many more minutes I’d like to sleep. So sweet!

The morning ritual began – breakfast and watching Sponge Bob or some other Netflix cartoon. Simon and Jeff off to a 10:30 soccer game with Jeff staying in bed as long as he possibly can. Then Amy and Annalise off to get groceries for birthday party. Her dad and a friend there to fix and paint more. Annalise decided she wanted to have games at her party, one of which was pin the tail on a donkey, but she ended up getting pin the necklace on the ballerina. I drew her body and made it into a ballerina and colored it.

Then when Jeff and Simon came home from soccer I whisked Simon off to film making class while Jeff and Amy continued working on the house.

I sat in the car at Simon’s class continuing on the minion! Whisked him home to attend the party!

Party was great. Funniest part – Amy was lighting the 7 candles when the match flame grew close to her finger. She blew on it and got all the candles!!

Lots of little girls and parents I hadn’t seen in awhile. I was exhausted as well as Amy and Jeff!

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