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Easter weekend

Posted on: April 21, 2014

Saturday – Easter Egg Dying and Trying! Cooked several dozen eggs – some for the dying and some for Sunday’s deviled eggs. Jeff likes them particularly and it seems to happen only occasionally. The trick to peeling them without losing all the egg white is to peel as soon as they are cooked. It seems that the shell and membrane release much easier than letting them get cold.

Two jello salads of which are never eaten any more. I’m sure some of the kids had never seen them before. One red with whole cranberries, crushed pineapple and raspberry jello! Yumm!!
The second with lemon lime jello and the 3 Cs – cabbage, carrots and celery. For some reason that combination is tasty. The red was more in demand today but it brought good memories to some of the folks.

Interesting, I was miffed at the hosts. I don’t know whether they are kidding, but it seems that if anything goes wrong or is out of the ordinary, then I get the blame. Getting ready to peel potatoes and host says, “I’m going to peel right where Rita’s put her purse”. I look around and my purse is no where to be seen, but since I’m in the kitchen and there’s a big bag on the table, then it must be mine.

I suggested that I could peel the potatoes with the potato peeler that makes swift work of it, but no – it’s too messy. So they peel methodically with a small peeler. If there had been a different kind I could have helped but no – so!

Another time I parked in the driveway and was told to park in the street because my car must have leaked oil on the driveway because my car is older, couldn’t have been Jeff’s since there’s is new. Strangely enough, my car was parked at Judy’s for a week and didn’t leak one bit.

Everything must be perfect. Cake is being served to me and I was asked if I wanted whipped cream and hostess yells from the kitchen that it has to be held straight up. “I’m not even using the damn thing”, I wanted to say. But I did say I’m not using it, but you’ve told me a gazillion times, I said under my breath.

I don’t do a thing correct. I do believe I’m not going to offer to help at all for I surely won’t do it right. Similar thing last time we were on vacation together.

Augh!! Drives me a bit crazy.

Well, that was the day. Kids played on the trampoline lots.

Yesterday, when the kids were doing eggs, one mother said it didn’t matter where the kids put the eggs they dyed for they’d just take home whatever. I said what if the kids care about taking home the eggs they decorate. She said well that’s just me.

Drives me a bit crazy! Why bother setting up the whole scenario for people to work on something if what they create doesn’t matter. Mom throws away everything the kids do anyway.

Sometimes it’s best if I stay away or certainly keep my mouth shut but sometimes it’s not always possible. Such bossy people!

2 Responses to "Easter weekend"

Doesn’t sound as if you had a great day, Reet! The jello salads sound yummy though!

Sometimes they are so bossy and I get sucked in and get put down. Jeff usually just stays by himself and doesn’t say anything and I know why!! Hope you had a good day.

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