Bits of Life

Saturday with Salamanders

Posted on: March 16, 2014

Had a busy Saturday. Spent the night with Annalise and we went to Glacier Ridge Metro Park for a trip to a vernal pool to view salamanders.

We tromped around a vernal pool, upturning logs to find more critters, but no luck.

Found lots of friends at the playground and we left for dinner. However, her I want, what I want, when I want it laid waste to our plans.

She wanted her dad to join us at Noodles. I texted and since they were cleaning out the garage, he wasn’t able. Well, that set off a storm of major proportions. She wanted the phone so she could call and beg and berate her dad till he showed up.

I wouldn’t let her have the phone. She began kicking my chair and anything within reach, swearing with new found bad words. It continued to get worse. She demanded to go to Noodles and I couldn’t eat anything. I said I would if I wanted. This made her furious. She demanded to stop at Wendy’s. I said I was taking her home because of her bad behavior. She continued kicking, screaming and tearing up what she could get a hold of. She also said she was going to kick dad in the face for not coming out to Noodles. Such a lovely child!

So we went home. She wasn’t happy, but I was not going to reward that behavior.

Got to the house and Jeff was cleaning out the garage, but I spotted useful things in the dumpster and between the screaming child and my propensity to not throw away anything useful, I lost it. Jeff got mad, I got mad and I left. Annalise had expected me to stay the night, so I said I’d be back, but it turned out that Amy gave her a bath and put her to bed early. I’ll probably go over tonight. If I can keep my mouth shut about what they throw away.

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