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Playground Journey

Posted on: March 12, 2014

I was on a roll telling about Monday when I tried to publish it and it went totally away.

I may have to take a break and come back later.

Again!  Annalise called about 4 to see if I could come over.  When I got there I could see she and others needed her to expel energy in the great outdoors.  Simon has a sinus infection and was moping on the couch.

I mentioned Playground and Annalise stopped in her tracks and said “yes”!

I learned on the way over that they looked at a new house over the weekend which they all liked.

Also, she had made $5 in the morning for accompanying mom and Simon to the doctor.  I bust out laughing!  Little entrepreneur, getting paid for her time!

She was delighted with the playground.  Many kids and parents coming out of the cabin fever stage.  She found a friend as usual, but the little girl wanted her to do what she wanted.  I thought – fat chance!  Annalise will do what she wants which is to climb across the monkey bar.  A feat she’s been attempting for quite awhile.  She can go back and forth pretty easily now.

Most people were leaving for dinner so we headed to Appleby’s.  She generally has an agenda of where she wants to go.  Ordered her usual French fries and pink lemonade.  She learned how to summon the waiter to get a refill.

Next stop was Jeni’s.  The most delicious ice cream with a delightful array of unusual flavors.  I had Askinose Dark Chocolate and Salty Carmel.  Yummm!  Annalise had Wildberry Lavender with sprinkles.  I tried Black Walnut Divinity and it was definitely divine.  Next trip!

While there, she took pictures and movies on my phone.  Minnie Mouse was portrayed with a message to her parents – Guess where Minnie is!!

Her next set of messages included the male body part!  I didn’t see it until it had been sent.  I told her she couldn’t use my phone any more until she apologizes in person to her parents.  But she wanted to apologize by texting.  I said – you can’t use my phone until you apologize.  She thought that unfair, but I said, My Phone – My Rules.  Then she said I don’t have control of her language and I said Right, only you have control.  But I can’t take you places if you don’t have appropriate behavior and language.

It’s like she’s a 16 yo in a 7 yo body, trying to shock and awe.

She’s very much into “You’re not the boss of me”.  Wish we had never watched Malcolm in the Middle!!

On the way home she said “I love you, Grandma”.  Then asked about when someone dies, how soon do they come back.  I said – they don’t.  She started to cry that when I died she’d never see me again.  I said that would be awhile, so don’t worry about it.

Upon arriving home, I heard her apologizing to her mom about her inappropriate use of private parts.

What a girl!!

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