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Good Grief!

Posted on: March 10, 2014

Another week has gone. I realize I should write in the morning otherwise it doesn’t happen.

I’ll get a cup of tea and be back. Back! I’m drinking a “loose” leaf tea that came pressed in a round – Yun Nan Pu Erh Tea, Nan nuo shan, Puer tea cake.

Tea cake Yun_Nan_Pu_Erh_Tea_Nan_nuo

Tea cake Yun_Nan_Pu_Erh_Tea_Nan_nuo

I’m having trouble getting the amount of tea correct.

Onward!  Annalise decided I should have a sleepover 2 or 3 nights each week.  I stayed Tuesday and Friday.  She’s very funny and her temper is getting better.

She doesn’t like going to her Creative Conversations class on Wednesday.  I really think she gets bored.  So since I stayed on Tuesday, we had a day to ourselves on Wednesday.  Spent most of the time playing with LPS.  Sometimes she makes movies alone and sometimes I have a role in playing some of the pets.  In her mind is a script and I don’t always follow along!

We went to a planetarium program at OSU on Friday.  It was excellent.  So much more informative than some others I’ve gone to.  We saw the southern sky and the Southern Cross constellation.

Simon gets so upset with Annalise’s movements which are constant.  He doesn’t understand her need to move.  Even though she was spell bound during the presentation, she started wiggling and moving in her chair as soon as it was over.  The other kids asked lots of questions and she did also.

Story – Simon walked to the ravine in his bright yellow jacket and a bumble bee started following him so he tore off his jacket and left it.  Later he returned with a black plastic bag to recover his jacket.  A lady saw him and thought he was cleaning up the ravine.  She complimented him, but he said he couldn’t let her think that he was cleaning when he was getting his jacket.  He said he didn’t want to accept the compliment when it wasn’t true.  So he told her the whole story.

Been working on a minion for Annalise’s birthday so I better get back to it today.

Trying to figure out a quilt pattern I’m making for the IAA conference next January.  First idea, I didn’t like.  Now #2.

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