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Weekend Sunday

Posted on: March 3, 2014

Everything went well for 3 generations – Annalise, Dad and I – this weekend.

Dad and Annalise read before bed and she fell asleep last night. I followed closely around 10:30, but had the worst night. I was up, down, moving from bed to bed, couldn’t sleep, legs were fidgety. I felt like I was awake the whole time, but I’m sure I slept some. Around 4:30 Annalise had a little nightmare or awakened and wanted dad. He had been in the living room and when he came up I went down to watch Inspector Morse and hopefully fall asleep, which happened around 5:30.

8:30 came quickly, but I managed to fix breakfast for Annalise and I. Bean burrito and strawberries for her and toast with cream cheese and honey for me, watched a little Phineus and Ferb, and got ready for church.

After church went to Noodles, Lucky Market and Giant Eagle. Amy was home, but Jeff was trying to give her a little more time alone!! Monday will arrive quickly!

Successful weekend until we left Noodles and Annalise was sending secret signals to her dad about AD! That’s Allowance Day to the uninitiated! Usually she gets her AD on Saturday, but she begged to get it early – last Tuesday, with the knowledge that she wouldn’t get anything on Saturday or Sunday. Well, that didn’t set well. She said she’d be ok if she got something today and then not get anything for 2 weeks. Probably know where this is going! Dad said no, because she couldn’t even wait a whole week this last time.

To that she said, she’s not a weiner! I assume she meant she wouldn’t be wishy washy and not keep her promise. When Jeff said no again, she kept saying that he must think she was a weiner and if she could wait a whole year for her birthday than surely she could be trusted not to be a weiner about getting her AD 2 times in 1 week. Maybe she meant whinner. Whatever, it was all I could do to keep a straight face. Thankfully, she was in the back seat.

A trip around Lucky’s netted her a bag of sea salt chips and a couple breakfast bar so by the time we headed home she no longer mentioned it.

She was trying hard though.

When we drove up to the house she saw mom’s car which made everything brighter!

In my mailbox was the replacement screen for my shattered cell phone. I laid out all the tools that accompanied the new screen, turned on the Youtube tutorial and proceeded to remove the teeny-tiny screws, all 8 of them. I managed to take out 5. I gave up before I stripped the screws. Tomorrow, I’ll take it to Best Buy to see if they can do it for me. So much for the “easy button”.

My tooth hurts. Guess I’ve waited as long as I can. Broken tooth in September and it’s now March. Guess it’s a call to the dentist!

Heh! It’s only money!!

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