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Weekend with Mom away

Posted on: March 2, 2014

No one was quite sure how Annalise would fare with mom away on a retreat.  Friday night dinner at Schnupp’s house went well except for the body function conversation at the table.  It seems the big boy’s can get the little girl’s started and then the girl’s don’t know how to hold it down!!  Typical!

I spent the night because Jeff had a soccer game or two – The kids and I watched Garfield seasons – bingeing!  I talked them both into going to bed.  It was about 10 anyway and I was tired!  All were tucked in bed snoozing by the time Jeff got home.

I woke up to the sounds of Annalise – Mom, Mom, MaMa.  Then quiet.  Finally is was Daddy, Da, Da.  I think she remembered mom wasn’t home.

All were up by 9 with Annalise watching more Garfield, Jeff sleeping next to her on the couch and Simon and I hanging out in the LR.  Fixed waffles with fruit and maple syrup.  Simon was planning to go with Max, snowboarding and then to Nikki’s.  It was like pulling taffy to get him to gather his clothes for the weekend, empty the dishwasher and take a shower – all by 11.  What he wanted to do was play a skateboard game until the witching hour – just before he was to leave.  Finally, he got everything down by the door, dishwasher unloaded and showered with time to spare.  Then a phone call informed him they wouldn’t be going snowboarding, but climbing instead.  Now there was an equal taffy pull to put the snowboard stuff away and get changed from snowboard clothes.  He wanted to play the skateboard game!  AUGH!  He got very upset because he couldn’t wait to do all that!  He stomped around up the stairs and stomped back down and stood by the door since he couldn’t play with the game.  Oh, those games.  I can see backward, if Jeff and Craig had had these toys, the same would have been happening.  Simon is such a procrastinator.  His favorite way of dealing is to say, OK, I’m doing such and such while he is doing something completely different or Hold On, I’ll do that in a minute!  Which turns into many minutes.  Finally he was out the door, having  apologized for his attitude.

So now it was we three!  Annalise and dad were playing with dinosaurs.  She said she was hungry.  This would be her second food call.  She ate the rest of her waffles.  Pretty soon she was hungry.  I cut up some apples while they continued with the dinosaur battles.  We decided to watch Despicable Me 2.  She was hungry.  I gave her the rest of the apples.  Then she wanted more.  I gave her cookies.  Then she wanted a cheese Quesadea. I fixed that.  Jeff asked if it was always like that.   I said Lately yes!!

After the movie we decided to go somewhere and then out to eat at Wendy’s.  The Ohio History Museum was chosen.  She always says it bores her and then we look at all the Ohio stuffed animals and fossils and then the most favorite is the Lustron Steel Home that’s inside the museum.

It’s filled with 1948 great memorabilia and she loves going from one room to another.

They were made from 1948-1950.  2500 were made and 2000 still exist.

After the home she enjoys the log cabin and utensils of the era. Cooking soup, churning butter, spinning and washing clothes.

At 5 we left for the newly remodeled Wendy’s with a fireplace.  Very contemporary looking.  She had her usual – large French fries and large chocolate frosty.

Played “What’s your favorite ____________?  Then she used the word random and I asked if she knew what it meant.  She tried very hard to describe it but always used the word random.  So I reminded her of when we choose tiles for scrabble or other game and it says “Choose 7 at random” she understood.  From there I laid out some crackers in a row and asked if that was random or uniform.  From there we played a game of random or uniform by placing different objects on the table and telling which was which.  This morphed into Is it random or uniform and do I love it or hate it.  After an hour or so she was ready to leave.  Got home and she and Jeff played on the computer with him asking questions abut dinosaurs, bones and other fancy stuff!!

It’s been a delightful day.  Perhaps the answer to her grumpy issues is needing to eat all day.  I think she’s growing also.  It’s nearing my bedtime, but I wonder if we’ll watch a movie.


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