Bits of Life

Rough night

Posted on: February 21, 2014

Couldn’t sleep!  My legs were really jumpy.  I got up multiple times.  Finally got a few hours complete sleep about 5.  Then my alarm was still set for 7:30 and then 8.  I got up to turn them off and finally got up around 10.  I hate the RLS.  It seems to start about 11:30 each night.

Simon saw blue sky and wanted to go skateboarding.  Unfortunately the first place is surrounded by trees which meant very little melting.  We headed for OSU and it being out in the open was absent of snow. IMG_9113 He loves to be active.  Almost like a caged animal when he has to be inside too much.

IMG_9157Downloaded music to my MP3 player.  It is so nice!!  I have music wherever I go!

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