Bits of Life

Sledding and sliding

Posted on: February 19, 2014

I took Simon and Annalise to a sledding hill.  Got there around 5 and by 5:10 it started raining and then turned to sleet.  This didn’t deter them however.  I kept ducking back into the car to warm up.  I was also getting wet.

Annalise loved it.  She went down the hill “Yahooing”.  A family arrived and Annalise spotted a little girl and yelled to her at the bottom of the hill, “Do you want to be my friend?”

Whenever I mentioned leaving, Annalise kept saying it doesn’t matter about the weather, it’s the traffic that matters.  I had said that before we left to get Simon moving.  He’s so slow!!!

They finally got together and slid down the hills together.  They only left when it was almost too dark to see.  They were also soaked and cold.  This called for “hot chocolate”.  Stopped at Peets and after $11.00 we had 2 mochas and 1 chocolate milk!!  Wow, can’t do that very often.

Simon said he was cooking dinner and wanted to know if I’d like to stay.  He made lentil soup. Accompanied by Andoulie sausage, rice and sautéed onions.  We ate and watched some of the Olympics – mostly bob sled.  The skating didn’t start till later and I needed to head home.


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