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Posted on: February 13, 2014

Sunday – My granddaughter has a way with words. I had stayed overnight on Sunday and when Annalise didn’t want to go to church, she and I packed things up for a trip to my house with a sleepover.

We had a tea party with my doll dishes and small stuffed animals. Next came brunch of ham, grapes and juice while watching Magic School Bus in space.  Pretty soon she wanted to go back home for awhile which meant packing up my stuffed animals and doll furniture to play with her LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) critters.  Tea Party

On the way home she wanted a Frosty so I texted Mom and she said no!  Well that created a tumult of tears!  She told me to get her a Frosty and I said I couldn’t because her mom said no!  She said I should unobey her mother!

After much wrangling and a trip to McD for an ice cream cone instead, I completely forgot about the cone!  It’s not gluten free.  I put the ice cream in a cup and she threw it on the ground because the cone was the best part.  I remained calm surprisingly. I found out she had ice cream at home but no gluten free cone.  Since Giant Eagle was next door, I asked if she’d like to gluten-free cones.  By the time we entered the store she said she was OK now.  Found the cones, a package of gluten free cookies and a package of mini-Reese’s peanut butter cups with dark chocolate.

All because I wouldn’t UNobey her mother.

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