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Posted on: February 8, 2014

I walked into the dark kitchen last night to see the floor glistening. Turns out it was water from I wasn’t sure where. I left a message with the management about the problem. A man from management came at 9:45 to determine the drain was clogged and when the dishwasher tried to empty, it couldn’t and consequently spilled out onto the floor. So he called in the next line of fixers. I was still in bed and appeared at the front door rather disheveled.

The Drainworks man has been here about 30 minutes, snaked it from the inside and now he’s outside cutting away at something. I guess it must be really bad.

His big snake machine was whirring away in the kitchen, he went outside and the snake part started thrashing around and the machine fell over. I couldn’t decide if I should turn it off, but he came back in and seemed very unconcerned.

Turns out the kitchen drains between the two apartments are connected, but since we don’t speak, I’m not sure if he has a problem, also.

Now he’s running water in the sink. Hope it’s over so I can take a shower!!

He’s gone but it was more extensive than I thought. All the drains were clogged and probably just a matter of time before the upstairs filled up as well. All the scraping and cutting sounds were from unclogging the combined drains. I wouldn’t like to have his job. Dodged a bullet.

Picked up my “new” bookcase. The lady had an eastern accent. Sounded Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, I’m speculating from what I’ve heard from spy and mystery movies.

Anyway, she tried to sell me anything else in the garage. Funny. An older man came out to help put the bookcase in the car and she barked orders at him. He seemed to be timidly doing what she wanted. Couldn’t tell if it was her husband or father.

Drove back by way of visiting Annalise. She decided I could come over. Simon had just departed for a surprise party for a friend which included a sleepover and movie. He’s quite a social butterfly. One of the mother’s told Amy that when he starts dating, the girl better like him because the parents will want to keep him. Apparently such a gentleman and helper. He is special.

Annalise went out to play in the snow while I was there. I watched her from open windows and made comments. I felt like I should go out and play with her, but she was having fun by herself, with my occasional conversation about what she was doing.

After coming in she took a bath and we had hot chocolate. Drew a bit, but she wanted to watch Toontastic videos on Youtube and then some Minecraft video so I thought it was time to head home.

Worked on Minion for Katelyn. The directions I used were not very good and I can’t get the author to respond to my questions about size of hook and size of Minion. She has really cute patterns, but I don’t think I’ll use them anymore.

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