Bits of Life

Oh, what a day!

Posted on: February 7, 2014

Started out very normal, well sort of. Follow-up Doctor visit. Now I need an ultrasound for pains in my stomach, well actually near my hiatal hernia. She mentioned gall bladder and testing pancreas enzymes. So we’ll see. Could be just severe indigestion. OK, I guess that wasn’t really normal.

I had blood work done so since I was fasting I thought I’d take myself out for breakfast but changed my mind and fixed my own scrambled egg and ham with English muffin and orange marmalade and tea of course.

Good thing I did for I would have forgotten my workout.

Began checking my email and the game was on! Got an email from my tax man saying I needed to provide an accounting of all the expenses for the Colfax house!! Yikes! I started searching the house but was pretty sure I shredded all the documents from Brownsburg and Colfax houses. Thinking I’d not need them ever again. So I put on my thinking cap and began searching my documents but found nothing. Then I thought about email and thank goodness I am a keeper. I had all the invoices from the work done on the house. WHOO, WHOO!!

Oh, and while sitting in the basement watching half-heartedly “White Collar” and putting the documents together to send to my CPA a little disaster was happening in the kitchen.

I walked up the stairs and even in a dark room, I thought the kitchen floor looked a bit shiny and when I turned on the light, I was right!! The dishwasher is full of water and the sinks were empty where previously the sinks were a bit clogged. So apparently turning on the dishwasher messed up the problem with the sinks. Oh, well, another special event.

And I’m out of tea!

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