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Squeeze Monday between last 2 posts

Posted on: February 4, 2014

Meant to write yesterday. Couldn’t find my phone! Got on line to see what technology has to offer and of course there is an app!!

It will call your phone for free and then for a mere $20/year, it will locate your phone. Handy if it is stolen or at someone’s house or if it fell behind the laundry hamper in your bathroom.

I had made a couple requests for people to call me and when Simon called, I was in the basement. The tone was muffled and sounded like it was in the washing machine. No luck there. I ran up the stairs – both sets, following the sound until I located it in the bathroom. I could hear it in the basement because it was on the floor next to the heater vent.

What an ordeal. It’s terrible to feel isolated and defenseless without that little piece of plastic air waves. Talk about serious FOMO!!!

Simon’s call was also to ask if I wanted to see Frozen. I jumped at the chance and headed over. When I arrived, there was serious crying and complaining from Annalise who didn’t want to go. So finally I said to Simon let’s go see the Hobbit instead. We informed Amy and Annalise and got in the car. Pretty soon Annalise was at the window, having decided she indeed want to go to see Frozen. It was so adorable and the music was great.

On the way home we were to swing by Schnupp’s to pick up Fischer Price houses and then go to Chipotle. After Chipotle, Annalise screamed and hollered about not getting a Frosty. Mom was so mean to her – she said. She never got what she wanted – she said.

So in view of the movie, more play houses and Chipotle (6 soft tacos), her life was meaningless because she hadn’t gotten her Frosty.

Simon was becoming very crestfallen. So he and I took our food to his room. Annalise had calmed down by then and was eating. Calmed down from berating and trying to kick her mother for the absence of the Frosty.

Simon was near tears because of the upset in the family. When talking to Jeff, it’s explained that she’s just learning to grow up. However, it affects Simon terribly. I offered to take him climbing or skateboarding. Meanwhile Owen called to invite him over for an evening of stargazing. I drove him to Owen’s and had a little chat about co-dependency. I said he has to learn to not let Annalise’s behavior affect his mood. Large job for a 12 yo when it is almost impossible for adults to do. I said – look at Annalise now, how is she – Playing and enjoying herself. Yes, and what is everyone else like – he said miserable. Right, so you have to ignore her bad behavior and have your own life. Don’t let your happiness depend on how she is doing.

Co-dependency is so difficult. I related the story of his uncle and how my feelings would go up and down like a roller coaster and I was taught ways of avoiding that type of emotional life. So much so that when Craig and Loretta announced their engagement, I said – “That’s nice!” I had trained myself so well to maintain an even keel no matter what Craig did that it was hard to react to joy.

I told Amy the same thing. I think they need counseling. Simon said also, and I agreed but told him to keep our opinions to ourselves for now at least.

Whew what a day!!

And guess what, I left my purse there AGAIN!! I think it’s not leaving the car from now on!

I say 1-2-3 – phone-keys-purse when I leave the house, but can’t quite do that when I leave their house.

Worked on Katelyn’ minion when I got home. A bit of a problem has arisen. The pants are way to small for the giant minion I’ve made. I think the person’s directions are off and so is her hook size, but I can’t get her to respond. I’m making new pants which I’ll do today. I’ve discovered a new TV series – White collar. Diann Carroll is in it. Always enjoyed her.

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