Bits of Life

Back Home Again in Indiana!

Posted on: January 21, 2014

Well, the not wanting to pack sure proved to be true. I got up on Friday and just threw things in the car and in the suitcase. Still felt yucky!!
Stopped to say goodbye to the kids and Annalise said “I hate You!!” I think it is because I’m leaving and she doesn’t like it. Simon was so sweet giving me lots of hugs!

Drove to Karen’s and had a great time. Talked and talked till bedtime. Headed for Bill’s retirement on the long road Rt. 24 across Indiana. Great time, saw Burney, Joe O’Leary, Marty, Liz, WL. After a couple hours, Bill began encouraging folks to leave since the snow was coming down pretty fast and our trip back to Warsaw was very slow because of the snow. But we made it and even went out for Mexican – another Chile Rellenos which was good. Need to write it up. I’ve been very bad about that.
Was supposed to see Scott Brewer on Sunday for lunch, but never heard back from him. Ate delicious baked potato, acorn squash, sauer kraut (all those from Karen’s garden) and kielbasa!! Yummm!
Took off for Andy’s and got about 15 minutes away after getting lost but got back on the road and remembered my medicine bag!!! So turned around for Karen’s. Had no trouble getting back nor going through Warsaw.
Got to Andy’s. More talking and talking. Watched Downton Abbey. Sure good to see her. It’s been a bad few years and hope it doesn’t keep on for Steve has a spot on his lung and he’ll have a petscan on Wednesday. Her house is beautiful and it’s giving me some ideas! Not costly ones, just organizational and decorating. Of course her walls are beautifully painted and I won’t do that, but there’s other ways.

At Marriot for IAA conference. Need to get to bed. Having lunch with Kris M tomorrow.

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