Bits of Life

Hump Day – for Camel too!

Posted on: January 16, 2014

Started with a full nose and raw throat.  Stayed in the house on Tuesday making the Minion.  That’s all I did, well I watched movies too.  Downton Abbey – Season 4 Episode 2.  I think Tom is in trouble, he’s going to get attached to that new Ladies Maid.  GRRRR!  I think Mary has found a new beau.  Anyway it’s fun to watch. 

Watched a stinker of a movie – Winds of War – a mini series from 1983.  Polly Bergen, Robert Mitchum – never really thought much of his acting except for that one thriller.  Ali McGraw and someone else.  A bunch of wooden actors – yuck!

Wednesday – my workout and then picked up Annalise from CC.  We had a great time!  Best in weeks.  We drew, played LPS a little, I read while she was on the trapeze and the swing.  Made up stories on Blah, Blah, Blah!  you had to be there!  A little charades on our favorite animals – from the alphabet – a to about g.  Then changed the subject to favorite movies not Pixar but still Disney or then favorite movies Pixar.  Meanwhile she’s still a-swinging.  Made up songs – I took a couple movies on my phone.  Tonight she didn’t want to see them because she’d be embarrassed.  Back to the house while Jeff and Amy went to  New Member classes at church. 

Drew some more, talked with Simon and planned a birthday outing to Aviation Museum in Dayton.  Tried a little charades.  Fun evening!  Still have a cold and I should be sleeping.  Sometimes I’m afraid to go to bed too early in case I can’t fall asleep right away. 

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