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Leaving on a jet plane!

Posted on: January 13, 2014

It was tough leaving Arkansas.  Corban was a bit weepy.  Katelyn and I worked on a photo book for Grandpa and Grandma Stanton’s 50th Anniversary.  She seemed to really like it.

Here’s the story of the jet plane!  Craig and I left about 10:15 for a 15 minute drive.  My plane left at 11:28.  Exactly 11:28!  This will become important soon.  Right after we got on 71, 2 police cars went zooming past.  It became clear why in a few seconds.  2 cars were off the road, then just ahead of them, 2 more, than a single car and then 3 cars.  The bit of rain was mixed with 32 degrees to form black ice.  We crawled along as did everyone else.  It had come along so quickly.

Nearly 45 minutes later we got to the ticket agent.  She was a bit obnoxious and she made me so nervous.  Saying if I didn’t get checked in the next minute, my suitcase and I couldn’t go. She also felt compelled to lecture me on the fact that people think that since Ft. Smith is so small, people ignore the fact that they have to be there early.  I said there was ice on the road and we couldn’t get here sooner.  She said that’s why you should plan to leave earlier and Delta doesn’t care about that,  they will close the gate- 30 minutes before departure and it was about 2 minutes before 11!  She made me so nervous with her franticness, that I forgot to indicate I had a bag.  She punched it in for me and I whisked off to security.  Still feeling a bit super charged.  Said Goodbye to Craig and went on in to their beautifully appointed waiting room.  It really is quite lovely.

I looked out the window and my Delta plane was no where in sight and it was getting closer to 11:15.  I watched an American Airlines jet taxi down the runway and a few minutes later I saw another one come back down the runway.  Turns out it was the same one, for as it got to the end, a sensor indicated that they needed to be deiced.  So back it came.

The airport was in the process of deicing the runway and my Delta was circling until the runway was ready.  The time crept on and finally about 11:45 my Delta showed up.  We boarded quite late and sat there waiting for our turn to be deiced.  Awhile later the Captain informed us that the deicing machine was having trouble and being fixed.  Then it would be our turn.

By this time, we were about an hour leaving and you could see people on their phones frantically trying to find alternate routes since we’d be late coming in to Atlanta.  I, thankfully, had plenty of time.

From there on it was a smooth flight.  Next time I will Check In early!  The last time leaving Ft. Smith, there was a very kindly man who helped me check in.  In fact he did all the work, I just stood there and answered questions.

I kept saying to Craig – “Where’s my nice man?”

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