Bits of Life

Another Monday!

Posted on: January 13, 2014

Warm but dreary, gray day!  Working on a Minion for Katelyn.  Then I’ll need to make a small one for Corban.  55 rows!

Weekend – mostly catch up.

Friday I bought new ink for my printer from Cartridge World.  Much cheaper than through regular office supply.  However, that always has it’s issues.  All of them needed replacement.  Got home and the yellow and the gray didn’t work.  Of course they close early on Saturday.  I stopped over today – Monday – and the yellow works but the gray still doesn’t.  Sneaky Canon printers, I can’t do anything until all the ink has been replaced.

Got a nice 1099-A from CitiMortgage indicating that I have to claim the amount I owed from the house that was forgiven by the bankruptcy.  Great!  That’s what I need to scan – badly!!! My attorney told me I wouldn’t have to do that!!

I swear if I have to use it as income, I’m going to quit paying taxes and be on the run like Willie Nelson!!!

Annalise seems to be much better.  Once everyone knows how to work with her, she responds better.  If I come over and say, “Let’s go to the store now.”  She’s not able to process it that quickly.  So I stopped over today to play, talk with Simon and asked if she wanted to go to Wendy’s and she said “No, thank you!”  Always very polite when turning you down!  But after awhile of being there and her mom giving her a dollar, she decided we could go!  Transition is very difficult for her.

Simon gives me big hugs whenever I come over!  Such a sweetie!


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