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Arkansas bound!

Posted on: January 5, 2014

Morning came very early at 4 am!  Got to airport around 5.  What a pack of people going places!  Delta wasn’t too bad.  My overloaded suitcase made it!  I loaded it with Craig’s old toys – Godzilla, Dinosaur Battle, and Matchbox cars.  I figured that the metal and the shape of Godzilla might cause them to search my suitcase, but there wasn’t a little note in the bag.  Probably just chuckled!

My pre-check boarding pass – the signage is not good at the airport.  I’m going to take a picture when I get back.  The TSA were really snippy when I asked about the signs.  I was supposed to go in the Priority Lane. They kept repeating that the letters were huge!  I was a bit annoyed.  Then I couldn’t find Johnny Rockets. Turns out they didn’t open till 7.  So had to get a bagel with egg and cheese.  Also, not fountain drinks!  Boy what’s a traveler to do. Since it had snowed, we had to be deiced.  Took a while, consequently we arrived late to Atlanta.  I had plenty of time, but some folks were in quite a hurry to get off and rightfully so for several missed their flights.  Felt sorry for one couple who didn’t speak English well.  They couldn’t quite figure out what had happened.

Arrived in Fort Smith about 1/2 hour late and was met by 4 smiling faces.  Loretta had hurt her tailbone and was home nursing it!

Very exciting to be here!  Corban showed  me all his Christmas presents and then opened new presents.

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