Bits of Life

Almost gone-the year!

Posted on: December 30, 2013

Friday, picked Simon up at Owen’s so we could finish up the game Puerto Rico.  It was slow going at first but then everything began to click and it was really fun. 

Had a tough beginning with Annalise.  Simon and I walked in on Annalise and Emma.  It really through her off.  She started hitting Simon because he sat down on the couch and when I told Simon to go in the other room, she started hitting me and whacked me on the head. 

She really needs to be warned when something is changing.  Seems incapable of switching gears.  She stayed upstairs and then when I left she said she wanted me to stay, but I said how about tomorrow, but she and Amy when to the zoo together.  I’m sure that was best.

Simon’s birthday was spent skateboarding. 

I’m getting lots of pictures scanned, but it sure can be tedious.  But I’m listening to the 1917 flu epidemic by John Barry.  Fascinating how little science and medicine there was just 100 years ago.  Truly, “We’ve Come A Long way Baby!! “

Sunday I did the usual domestic things and crocheted one last nativity for Corban.  I hope I get it finished before I leave. 

Went over to the Walnut Grove Cemetery here in Worthington to photograph a grave stone for Find A Grave.  I’ve decided if I’m still living here when I am really old, that I would like to be buried there.  It reminds me of Crown Hill in Indy.  Actual grave stones that make it feel better.  The places with flat markers, look so sterile. Don’t like them.

Oh, back to Find A Grave, there’s a guy who really loves going out to take the pictures.  So far he’s put his name on all of the picture requests.  Oh, well, possibly that is all he has to do. 

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