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Day After And Tomorrow is Another Day!!

Posted on: December 26, 2013

I was laying in my comfy bed when the alarm went off at 7.  Don’t know why I leave it set. I usually hit the button and it goes off so I sleep until the next alarm which is 8:15.  I guess I set them in case I decide to make it an early morning, but then the 2nd one is when I really need to get up.  Funny thing, I have actually slept through both of them.  Hard to believe I am in such deep sleep.  Well, this morning is when I wanted to be deep in sleep, but I had my exercise class at 11! 

Why can’t the world just take the day off and nothing happen!  I lay under the warm covers for as long as I thought I dared.  At 10:15, I rolled out, put on exercise clothes, ran a comb through my hair, didn’t brush my teeth figuring no one was going to get close enough to notice, made a cup of tea and got in the car. 

I arrived early enough to get in about 10 minutes on the bike.  Boy my muscles didn’t want to do anything, but I persevered. 

Being 11:30, I took myself to Starbucks where a cheery barista wished me Happy Boxing Day!  My first thought  was of the Boxer Rebellion and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to celebrate that.  So we discussed the origin of Boxing Day, a celebration in the British Commonwealth or countries once associated with them.   Something to do with giving boxes of food to people.  I sat down with my coffee and ham and egg sandwich to look up boxing day when I discovered I had a charger in my purse that wasn’t for my phone.  I picked it up at Schnupp’s house last night and it was for a game, not a phone.  When I found my phone charger I looked up Boxing Day.  It has several origins, one having to do with servants having the day off after Christmas to celebrate with their families.  The aristocrats gave them gifts and sometimes boxes of food to take with them.  One wonders how the aristocrats like those at Downton Abbey were able to feed themselves for the day when all the servants took off. 

The other origin is from the Middle Ages and has to do with giving of alms in the Alms Box at the church.  Since the Day after Christmas coincided with St. Stephens day, it became a day of giving to the poor. 

Now I’m home in my messy house, for everything was on hold until the Nativity’s were done.  Don’t much care today.  I’m going to watch a few movies and sit!  Tomorrow is another day!! 

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