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Posted on: December 26, 2013

I could hear Annalise, but pretended I was asleep.  Shortly she came in to inform me it was time to get up.  Difficult for Jeff, since I had heard his Elf-self downstairs wrapping in the wee hours.  His body was on the couch but not much else!!  It’s tough being the elf!  Annalise was so excited by all the packages!!  She was so delightful when she opened things up.  Thankful and pleased.  Simon was equally pleasant. They opened one at a time and waited for others to open theirs.  Annalise got tons of LPS.  The set I gave her had ___ Ferguson, a very special hedgehog that only comes with that set.  Unknowingly I had selected that one!! She loved the sea otter, but immediately had the star removed from its hands and the Nativity was a hit also.  She loves stuffed things!  Simon being 12 (in 2 days) seems to enjoy giving as much as getting.  He couldn’t wait for his parents to open their photos.  Amy and Jeff said they hardly remembered some of the pictures.  I gave Simon money and Puerto Rico game.  A bit complicated and it takes at least a half hour to read the directions before beginning.  He likes playing those, but they take so much time, that it’s hard to fit them in.   It was a very sweet and special morning.  I received paintbrushes and canvas.  I plan to become Grandma Rita!!!! 

At lunch I came home to change, shower and make lemon crème pies.  We were meeting back at Schnupp’s with the Smith’s at 3:00.  I finished up the Wise Men, but upon packing, I realized I had forgotten Jesus!!! 

It was so hard for everyone to wait till the other kids got there and the 2nd Christmas began.  The kids gather in a tight circle around the person opening the gift.  No matter what the occasion, birthdays, holidays, it’s little cluster.  It’s definitely difficult to shoot a picture unless you stand on a chair.  I’ll be adding pictures soon. 

More LPS for Annalise and guitar items for Simon.  He now has an acoustic and electric guitar as well as a ukulele.  Plays well for having just a little over a year of lessons.  Annalise can play the keyboard by ear.  They need a music room!! 

Good food!!  Ham, shrimp, potatoes, gravy, veggies, cranberries.  I fixed Momma Stamburg’s cranberry relish with horseradish and onion.  The longer it sat, the flavors melded together and was tasty.  I froze several containers for later use. 

Annalise is so into her LPS and gets so disappointed when her cousins won’t play with them.  They were the say way with the ponies.  One is really into American Girl dolls and the other is well just not interested.  Crafts seem to be the overall outlet that they like. 

People were getting frustrated and tired.  Tired for me!  I came home, carried the leftover ham to the fridge for fear if I left it in the cold car, some animal might smell it and tear the car apart.  But I left the pie and relish in the outdoor refrigerator. 

Went straight to my messy bedroom to watch A Christmas Story.  Such a delightful story of a little boy who wants to own a Red Ryder BB gun.  The scenes and characters are classic!!  But some in the family won’t watch it for they fear it is inappropriate or whatever.  I think they are missing out!! 

I slept very well!


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