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Crochet, Crochet

Posted on: December 21, 2013

Spending most every moment making the last Nativity set!  Angel, Mary and Joseph are done, shepherd in process.   I think they’ll be done by Christmas.  Whew!  These last two sets are a little different than the first ones.  Didn’t use medicine bottles.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough, so these are more like the ones on the web. 

Annalise’s behavior is becoming more clear – some sort of ADHD/Explosive disorder.  Wish they’d go to a doctor to diagnose it rather than go it alone.  If she had pneumonia, they’d take her to the doctor. 

My stomach is bothering me more than usual.  I wonder if I need to take a different medication. 

Last 2 nights haven’t been good.  My legs are giving me fits and I don’t know why.  Maybe I should exercise!!  Now!! 
The ab wheel
after 10 tries makes me out of breath.


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