Bits of Life

A Christmas event

Posted on: December 17, 2013

I can’t quite figure my lack of enthusiasm for anything holiday, any holiday. I don’t like to decorate.  It means taking things down, putting things up, then taking them down and putting things back up.  Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound like fun.  OK, is it because I’m lazy, or just don’t see the point.  I’ve never been a holiday shirt or earring wearer.  Even in high school, I always forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s day.  Maybe it’s not that I’m lazy, but what is the point!! 

Another part of my lack of enthusiasm revolves around anticipation or expectations. Expectation means hoping for something.  I find if I hope for something I’m usually disappointed so to protect myself I try not to have expectations of people or events.  Then you have a very smooth ride rather than a roller coaster of emotions. 

Besides decorations are for others and few people come to my house, so it frees me to do things I’d rather do, like crocheting nativity sets!  Now that’s fun because I’m giving them to someone.  There again I can’t hope they will just love them and gush over them because if they don’t then I can have my expectations dashed.  If I give for the simple act of giving without expecting something back, I am better off. 

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