Bits of Life

Wild Wednesday

Posted on: December 12, 2013

Interesting week so far! Jeff and Amy have only 1 car and on Monday I had to take my car in for a new catalytic converter which took all day.

Today I was at Jeff and Amy’s while Amy and Simon went to a CC open house. I wasn’t sure when they would be back so I called the Rec Center to let Mickey know I wouldn’t be there.

So tonight I call her to make arrangements for tomorrow and she says “If I show up!” She was given the messages which means she didn’t drive over and I wasn’t there.

That really sort of ticks me off. My obligation is to my family when they are in need. Maybe I should tell her we need a breather from working out. I’ll go tomorrow and decide while I am there. Perhaps I’ll leave her a note in an envelope with her payment for this week.

Tuesday night Jeff and Amy went out to a work Christmas party. Annalise went into a rage. Took hold of Amy and wouldn’t let her go and when they finally left, she went upstairs and slammed her door several times, called me the worst grandmother in the world. After about 30 minutes she exited her room and announced “I’m over it. I still miss my mommy, but I’m over it!”

I told her that sometimes she’s the worst granddaughter in the world. We ended up watching “Despicable Me2”! How ironic!

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