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Is it really Monday!!

Posted on: December 10, 2013

Sitting here thinking – what day is it? Been a busy Monday! Dropped my car off at CARS since the engine icon light came on. When it did, I dutifully pulled over to see what the manual said when this indicator light is on. When I found the page for Warning Lights, it said “Check Engine”. Gee that was instructive!!

My cell phone was having a “brain freeze” and wouldn’t call CARS so I drove over to find out what it meant. That was Friday and they assured me it wasn’t a safety issue. I made an appointment for 8 am Monday and since I don’t get up that early, I dropped the car off Sunday evening and spent the night with Jeff and Amy. Annalise was being a pill and I didn’t play with her that evening. Went to bed at 10 pm leaving all the rest in the living room.

I thought the car would be finished early since the error message showed a problem with the emissions system. I postponed my exercise for an hour hoping they’d be done, but at 11:00 I discovered that the catalytic convertor was the problem. It needed replacing to the tune of $700!! The unit itself cost $400. Part of it is platinum! Might as well have been gold.

Simon, Annalise, Amy and I played “Would You Rather” for about 20 minutes. It took longer to read the directions then play. Annalise got bored and frustrated because she wanted to be on the Challenge question even if she wasn’t supposed to be.

Simon and I started drawing and acrylic painting on canvas. I started one of my “Vevay-esque” landscapes, drawing and painting. The small parts are very difficult to paint. I think I need different brushes. Will add a picture later.

Picked up the car and came home.

Worked on more crocheted Nativity people while watching “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” – funny every time!! I still can’t figure out how Clark and Eddie are related. Then a New Sherlock show.

Now I’m in bed and not sleepy!!

Signing out!

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