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Thanksgiving weekend

Posted on: December 6, 2013

After Thanksgiving I drove to Indianapolis and Kankakee to visit family. Judy, Rose and Sara came to the Marriott pool. Seeing Kiana made me think of Annalise. They have similar coloring and eyes. But Annalise reminds me of Berry’s 6 year old self. Brody dresses up every Friday. It is really cute and sweet.

On Saturday Judy and I drove to Massachusetts Ave’s new, at least to me, collection of businesses. A real change from when we first moved there. Cute adorable items, expensive items! Had lunch at a nice quiet bar when suddenly 30+ people swarm in. They must have come from a wedding for they are all dressed up. All of them sidled up to the bar. Incredible din! The waitress apologized over and over!

Our next stop was a revitalized Fountain Square. Neat place, mostly restaurants, but a few galleries. Lots of starving artist items. Reminds me of my situation!! Photographs every where!

Sunday I drove to Kankakee to connect with Mary and Tom Maass and Lisa Maass. We lunched at Cracker Barrel, but it was so noisy, I wished we had gone somewhere else. The food was also lukewarm. Usually we go to the Homestead and I had hoped we’d eat there. Have sincere feelings about Kankakee. It has always felt like “home”, especially during my growing up years. Driving from Indianapolis, I take the same route from Kentland. It takes me along Route 17, down Court St. and across the Kankakee and my usual “lost” which means I’m nearly at the Maass’ without realizing it.

Along Court St. I’m parallel to Merchant and can now see over to where Grandma’s house was, but I refuse to look. Funny that Judy wants to go buy and look at the empty lot. I guess they plan to make it into a park. Or at least that’s what I heard.

Anyway, had a great visit with Tom and Mary. I think they’d like to move to something smaller, at least Mary would, but the inertia to clean out is a real hindrance.

Speaking of cleaning out!!! Oy!! I’m getting there.

I had intended to go to a cemetery in Danville Il for Ebenezer Hawkins and his wife. However, I found photos of the cemetery is on line so there wasn’t a reason to stop. Never thought of people taking pictures of tombstones.

Planned to stay with Andy for the night, but we got our wires crossed and she was busy. I guess I should have called earlier in the weekend. By that time I was ready to head home. So I drove on for Columbus. I didn’t have enough books on CD so I picked up a Kay Scarpetta novel Bone Bed at Cracker Barrel. I hate to drive without listening to something.

Turns out it was good that I came back early for Jeff and Amy were down to zero cars! One went shortly before Thanksgiving and then the Subaru blew a head gasket. Annalise had gymnastics and Simon guitar.

Oh and after guitar lessons, he wanted to look at an electric guitar. He tried out several and decided on one. They would hold it for 24 hours, but it was suggested he could put it on layaway. I loaned him the money for the down payment and just about the time they are ringing it up I said to him “Do you think we should have called your parents?”. Well it turned out OK because it is his money. We celebrated with a half cut ice tea from McD. By the time he got home he was so excited and wired. I guess he didn’t go to bed till 1!!

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