Bits of Life

Turkey Eve!!

Posted on: November 28, 2013

Cherry pie, Moroccan beet carrot salad – done.  Potatoes in crockpot for making mashed potatoes.  First try at this, so I hope it works.  Finishing up the 2 crocheted nativity sets.  One king disappeared therefore I had to make another.  Also, discovered I forgot to put the arm and hands on one.  Repairs Repairs!

Worked out 2 times this week, but it isn’t enough.  I should go over everyday.  Of course I say this all the time and I don’t follow through!

Since the weekend, Monday I shopped and babysat Annalise while Simon had an orthodontist appointment.  Tuesday stopped over to sit with Annalise while Simon had his guitar lesson.  She was rather provoked when Amy left.  Began throwing a fit.  I closed the door and she started swinging at me so I just put up my arm to deflect her and when she hit my arm, it hurt her.  She began crying and laid down in a little reading nook and fell asleep.  Of course when she wakes up she’s all happy.  Hope she gets over this stuff soon!!

Oh and we had about 4″ of snow last night accompanied with freezing rain.  Did a terrible number on my windshield.  Had to sit awhile waiting for it to thaw.  I hate scraping.

Making gravy tomorrow from the turkey drippings.  Yummm!!!

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