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Posted on: November 24, 2013

Weekends are a mixed bag.  I feel as though I can get lots accomplished but then I can sleep in!  So Saturday I slept in and by noon I was ready to venture out.  Bought a little gift for the girl with a recent tonsillectomy, dropped it by, chatted awhile and then chatted some more with Dena.  That lead into going to “babysit” with Annalise while mom and dad had a recuperative evening.  I try to coax her into watching something so Grandma can relax, but that isn’t always on her agenda, but finally she got tired and we watched “Despicable Me”. Such a great show~~

Sunday, I slept in a bit and worked on the Shutterfly Photo book I got for free through Travelzoo. WOO WOO! It takes such a long time to do those.  I had so much trouble uploading the photos.  Their system is so different.  But finally I have most of it ready.  I usually watch something on Netflix while I work on my computer.  Right now I’m watching “Morse”.  I tried a second time to watch “Vexed”. At first I didn’t like it, but tried it again and found it humorous and interesting except for the coroner.  He was too juvenile.

Decided to get out of the house and thought about a walk, but it was 27 so I changed my mind.  Dropped by the library and headed for Panera to work on Bur Oak Chronicles and eat.

It is 6:44 and dark!  I feel so tired.

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