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Climbing field trip

Posted on: November 23, 2013

Had trouble finding an event for Friday Field Trip for  the day or part of it. Remembered Vertical Adventures that Jeff and Amy had a punch card for free days.  Went over about 4 and they both climbed a lot.  Annalise and Simon both made it to the top on auto-belayed routes. I’ll post the photos after I download them.  

I spent the morning downloading pictures and rearranging and deciding what to do with pieces of furniture.  Made a few decisions about 2 pieces that I really don’t like so I’ll sell them on Craig’s list.  Also a coffee table that was Mom’s, I just can’t use.  Not enough room.  I’ll sell it also.  Bought a cream color étagère for the bedroom where the other pieces were.  Hopefully I can sell them for an equal trade!! 

Oh, and RLS has suddenly cropped up.  Last night a little, but tonight driving me crazy.  I have run out of fruit so wonder if that is the cause.  Hope!!   

Simon is developing an active social life.  While at climbing, Max called to see if he wanted to skate.  Then another guy called to see if he could spend the night.  Simon was thinking of how he could work it all in, but Mom said – No!   Every weekend he has a stack of friends and their parents who want Simon to come over.  They like him better than the other friend’s of their sons. 


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