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Daily Musings – HA!! Trying to get back to it again.

Posted on: October 19, 2013

I’ll be posting my west coast trip soon. I didn’t keep very good notes and wished I had written each day, but sleep took over.

Anyway it’s mid October and here I go.

Took Simon to Perkins Observatory for their open house. I had never been there and since Simon is now very excited about astronomy, he was nearly bouncing in his seat with anticipation. The observatory is owned by Ohio Wesleyan University and the director is Tom Burns, a local celebrity noted for his love of the world above. The interior of the observatory is filled from basement to top with demonstrations, posters, souveniers, and books of astronomy.

The evening consisted of a lecture about the stars we would see in the 32″ telescope and the smaller telescopes on the lawn and actually viewing them. Simon loved asking questions and talking with the men. His depth of knowledge on so many levels is remarkable. He may have difficulty deciding on a profession since he loves so many.

I have an old fashioned cold coming on which means I sneeze and then get a chill, I crave carbohydrates, particularly potato chips and I drink lots of orange juice. Eyes are watery and I have a bit of a headache. Due to this I begged out of attending Simon’s soccer at 8:30 this morning, but wanted to see Annalise’s last soccer game, until I opened the front door to a drizzly, cold rain. In spite of the weather, the game was on. Poor little girls running around this wet, cold field and enjoying it. Annalise spends a good deal of her time on the field waving to her family. She saluted me one time! They soldiered on but lost the game and no one shed a tear.

The rest of the day and weekend, I expect to be working on my western trip and a children’s book I’m writing. A friend of mine who’s an English professor at OSU gave me some editorial suggestions. Based on her thoughts, I’m moving forward with the goal of looking for a publisher early next year. Good to have goals!!

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