Bits of Life

Labor Day Weekend

Posted on: September 2, 2013

Sunday – took myself out to First Watch at 10 thinking I’d get there before the crowd – wrong! Had a 25 minute wait, but I brought my Jack Wallander book – 5th Woman. Getting to the end and it’s getting more and more tense. Closing in on the killer.

Drove to Lowe’s to purchase privacy window film from Gila. It has a mirror back so I get light but no one can see in. AND while I was there, I bought 15 perennials for $1 each. I will plant them today. Can’t beat that deal.

Downloaded photos for St. Michael’s Festival and read more of Wallander. Then to Schnupp’s for dinner. Boy I eat too much when I’m there.

Noticing that my knee doesn’t hurt as much and now I’m wondering if I should cancel the surgery and concentrate on physical therapy. The downside is possibility of osteoarthritis, but I think that could happen with surgery also. Dilemma!!

Finished 5th Woman and slept in till 9:30 on Sunday. Boy I seem really tired lately.
it’s 11:30 and I’m not quite ready for the world yet, but would like to get the plants planted and well watered before I head out west for this job.

Need to call Mickey about exercise on Tuesday and Wed and the Monday before I leave.

Think I’ll do a little geneology before noon.

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