Bits of Life

Need camera attached to my body

Posted on: August 27, 2013

Why is it you see the greatest things when your camera is tucked in the cupboard?  Sat outside with the cool breezes and watched a hummingbird happily drinking from my sunflower.  I sat still and he hovered over towards me.  A staring contest ensued.  He moved a bit closer and I moved not a whisker.  He kept looking right at me.  Then wandered off.  Such a delightful encounter.

Then yesterday, Karen and I sat in the same place and she mentioned a hawk in the tree.  We stared, it stared.  We tried to figure its identity.  Not a red-tail.  Too big for sharp-shinned or cooper’s hawk.  When it flew away the black and white bands of its tail were clear – most probably a broad-winged hawk. 

Maybe I should sit out more!

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