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Posted on: July 31, 2013

Monday meant exercise and MRI on my knee.  Sure hope it is OK.  I don’t relish the idea of arthroscopic surgery.  Will find out in a couple days if I have  a torn meniscus.

Picked up Annalise at VBS and we met Dena and the girls at Wendy’s for an afternoon of playing at Whetstone.

Stopped at store to get ice cream and gluten free pizza.  Played a little ponies, ate Pizza, had dessert, watched a little TV.

She wanted to do chores for money so I let her feed the cats and give them some water.  Also, helped me wash dishes.  We made a deal that I’d give her $1 every day that she doesn’t scream and be nasty to everyone.  She agreed and told me I should put it under her pillow every night.

Sometimes I think her screaming might be a habit and perhaps if it is broken for a few weeks, it might subside.  We’ll see, it’s only a theory.  But she gets $2 tonight for chores and no screaming.

Timeout’s don’t seem to be working, may as well give positive reinforcement a try.  Bribery!!

Simon is here also.  After a day of Outdoor Skills Training at a Metro Park.  It sounded like lots of fun.  They fished, learned to clean, gut, and cook  their fish.  Tried archery and learned to identify edible plants.   Also, made a debris house that would keep them warm to zero.

After camp from 8:30 to 3:30, he went to Powell to skateboard with a friend.  He’s the energizer bunny!!

I’m cooking him scrambled eggs with onion and potato before he goes to camp.   Annalise goes to VBS.  Then hopefully to Innes Wood with Alaina and Emma.  They’ve never been there.

Was watching Jurassic Park with Simon but he conked out!


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