Bits of Life

Innocent until proven guilty

Posted on: July 18, 2013

I have to reflect on a time in 1961 (age 16) in Nurnberg Germany.  I was living in a dorm, 60 miles from my parents in Vilseck, Germany.  My father, being an avid basketball player, was playing for Vilseck in a Senior Basketball Tournament at Darby Kaserne in Nurnberg.  It was a Wednesday night, the only night we at the dorm were allowed out.  My friend and I, also from Vilseck, walked over to watch him play.

We left while he was still playing because we had to be back at the dorm by 9 pm.  It was dark and the area consisted of old industrial like building, but we, 2 girls, were used to that type of environment, for we had no reason to be afraid until a car drove by us, stopped quickly and 2 men jumped out of the car.  She and I ran around a set of buildings while they chased us.  I hid behind a part of an adjacent building, my friend continued running and was caught at a building wall.  The other man found me and put both of us into a car.

We were taken to the local Military Police (MPs) station.  Unbeknownst to us, there was a jail for military prisoners in the general area and a report had been made that 2 women were harassing the prisoners.

As we sat there crying on a bench in front of the presiding Sgt.  a drunk sitting in a jail cell yelled.  “Is that all you have to do is arrest drunks and little girls?”  I guess we didn’t look like hardened women who harass men in jail.

My father came over to verify our story and we were released.  I don’t remember any apology.

We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also, unknown to us, was that the men in the car were undercover MPs.  No uniforms, no police siren, nothing to indicate who we were being chased by.

Were we right to run?  Hell, yes!  Would we have fought if we could have?  Hell, yes!!


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