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Genealogy – gets me everytime

Posted on: July 2, 2013

I’ve done it again.  Started looking up hints from and there goes 2 hours!!  It is great fun, but I need to schedule it in.  I did find out that the census info is more detailed than I thought.

While searching the O’Bryan family I found a Mikel -which I discovered should have been Mike J who moved to Denver in the 20s.  The person telling his name probably said Michael but the recorder make it into Mikel.  This kind of thing makes family history so crazy!!  When I looked at the census data, they had about 50 people living at the same place as he.  His occupation was porter and many of the others were invalid.  Then I noticed the word sanatorium.  So I began searching for sanatoriums in 1920’s in Denver.  Turns out there was a large Jewish sanatorium and sure enough lots of the folks on the census spoke Yiddish.

Next I noticed that the street name and house number was also listed.  So I found where he lived in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  It appears he never married and was 77 for the 1940 census.  I need to finish this up by finding his burial location.

Considering he was a distant, distant uncle or cousin,  that was a lot of fun work!!

I should take an hour everyday.  It’s a wonderful jigsaw puzzle!!

Oh, I also found the ship passenger list for our trip to Japan on the MM Patrick.  Which I had already found out.  But it was neat to see our names there with all the other passengers.

Yea for the internet!!

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