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Thundering – 3rd night

Posted on: July 1, 2013

This becomes silly for since I could hear thunder in the distance, the popping and cracking I heard coming from the vicinity of the kitchen I assumed was bits of hail on the window.  But when I heard a loud crack I realized it was the hard-boiled eggs boiled dry and the egg shells were cracking.  I suppose it will make them easier to peel!  Gotta set the timer~

The awful thing is this is the 3rd time.  I put them on, get busy and forget until I hear strange noises from the kitchen.

Busy, full day.  Slept well but slept in till 9.  Dragged myself out of bed, ate peanut butter on English muffin and finished off the coconut, pineapple, mango smoothie I made yesterday.  Yummm!

I’ve been doing much research on RLS and am discovering that many of the foods I have not been eating lately are high in the 3 ingredients necessary to maintain dopamine levels in the brain – magnesium, folate and iron.  Many researchers think there is a connection between RLS and Parkinson so the same dopamine levels could be affected by foods  high in these nutrients.

I have a friend who recently found out he has Parkinson so I’ve been passing this info on to him as well.

Spent the morning at home roasting yellow squash and pecans and reading “Orchid Thief”.  A movie “Adaptation” was made based on this book, but it was pitiful.  There are so many incredible stories in Orchid Thief, they didn’t have to go down the road they went to make a “blockbuster”.

Annalise called and wanted me to come over to play ponies.  We drew them, made clothes for them and even performed a couple plays – Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, but one of the ponies in the audience kept interrupting Cinderella.

Simon was depressed, he didn’t have anything to do.  It was pouring so he couldn’t skate.  He finally consented to go to Owen’s.  Max was already there.  The most unlikely duo if I’ve ever seen one.

Listening to “Lifeboat” in the car.  An extraordinary book I highly recommend.  I am nearing the end so I brought it in to listen while I finished up a wall hanging I started oh- 10 years ago.  I plan to hang it in the bedroom.  It has my grandmother’s doilies on it.  I chose an antique tan fabric but not that I look at it I’m not so sure it was a good choice.  But tooooooo late.

Talked with Tom and Mary Maass tonight and I should call them much more often.  Need to see about going for a visit.  They are 88 and 87.

Off to bed to finish up Orchid Thief and hopefully to have no edgy leg symptoms tonight!!

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