Bits of Life

On the Road, Again

Posted on: June 13, 2013

Monday I started out for Arkansas via, Indianapolis. Got away on time from Worthington and with little traffic but lots of rain, I arrived at Sara’s. Lou the pit bull, met me at the door wagging her tail and hoping to be petted. I’ll have to admit she’s a good, friendly dog. But I’m still on the sidelines in terms of having one. She does well with the kids even with a three yo who occasionally misbehaves with her.

Big excitement for the evening. Had dinner with Sara and we put the kids in a stroller for a walk to Grandma and Grandpa’s for root beer floats!! At the end of our visit we were on the driveway and heard loud voices from behind the house. Soon a man came running around the house, across the driveway and headed back between the houses. About then a policeman ran the same path. We could see that the man was caught by 2 other policemen after jumping the fence. Pretty wild!! We looked at each other grimacing. Afterwards we began to compare what the man looked like with great difficulty. About the only thing the 4 of us agreed on was that he was a man, with dark hair, dark shirt and pants. I thought he had a plaid shirt on over the top, some thought he had glasses, others a beard! So as witnesses we weren’t very good!

Went to Garfield Park program for Aedan – coloring, crafts, bee watching. Audrey had loads of fun.

Getting sleepy. Fill in later!

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