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Another Crazy A. Story – Independence

Posted on: June 6, 2013

Earlier this week, I stayed with Annalise while parents went out for dinner. She was literally climbing the walls in the house. It’s her own indoor gymnasium. I thought a walk might be a good plan.

After much discussion we walked a couple blocks to Brevoort Park, crossing a busy intersection with walk buttons and all. I thought it would be a good lesson in crossing busy streets.

She had fun at the park, making friends as always.

On the way home she suggested stopping at Wendy’s which was a very long hike, but since we had just passed Burger King and United Dairy Farmers (UDF) (gas station with ice cream) she chose ice cream over French fries.

It was a new adventure for her since she had never been to UDF and she kept questioning me about eating inside. I assured her there was a place to eat.

Began to order and surprisingly the rest of the family joined us. They had picked up Simon at Owen’s and saw us crossing the street. So double surprise.

After ice cream the party split. Amy and Simon walked home, Jeff and Annalise walked separately and I drove their car. That seemed easy, right!! Like the Easy Button!!

There was a long light at the UDF corner so Jeff and Annalise were ahead of me. When I pulled up to the busy intersection A was standing there and Jeff was behind. I couldn’t stop and Jeff has roll down windows so I couldn’t yell at her to stay put. I drove on through the light while watching Annalise at the corner. Sure enough she pushed the buttons, watched for cars and came across on her own. I pulled over at the next opportunity and saw Jeff carrying her. My first thought was that she had been hit. But no, it was Jeff carrying her to the car because she wasn’t allowed to walk anymore. She was screaming, he put her in car seat, she got out, he put her back, slammed the door, walked and I delivered her home. But then as you can imagine – Jeff upset, Annalise screaming, Simon working on his newest video and Amy just sitting. It was almost comical at least it will be in the future. That’s why I’m writing this down. When she has her own children!!!

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